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You’re Health on the Back Burner

Daily life is a circular constant that places people into routines. These routines are so consistent that when we get sick or have a loved one get sick they disrupt the fabric of that constant.

We tell ourselves that we’ll get better or rough it out in order to continue the cycle, however when it gets rough, and it will, we end up at the doctors.

So you make that appointment with your doctor, you start your evaluation and have a nice list of issues for a doctor you haven’t seen in quite a while. They evaluate you, perhaps send you for some lab tests, and then they set up a follow up appointment.

Here’s the thing anywhere from 33%-55% of those people won’t show up. The national average is so high that it causes medical liabilities. If the physician fails to diagnose or take care of that patient and that patient suffers as a result of that then it poses a legal risk for the doctor.

This is such a concern that clinics have started implementing a follow up system with patients in order to remind them of their appointment. However, many question who should be held responsible for showing up. Should it be the doctors’ office who is earning business from the patient, or should the patient be held responsible?

The biggest issue is that we forget our health because it is out of sight, and out of mind when we appear or feel healthy. We have other pressing concerns within our daily cycle and therefore we leave it on the backburner. The worst part is that when we remember and make it a priority there’s a long list of people who have taken the immediate appointments.

Our need for instant gratification of getting it booked and the health problem taken care of stops us from booking that second appointment.

So we go away and end up at some point in an emergency room with a worse condition than when we started and with something that could have been taken care of.

Your health is what makes everything in the world happen. Placing it on the back burner is placing yourself on the back burner.