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The Benefits of Telemedicine

Today, telemedicine is being used by some of the best and most reputed doctors and hospitals. Medical practitioners use telecom technology to remotely evaluate & diagnose as well as treat patients. There was a time when this was no more than a novelty, but is now a very standard procedure which is used by medical practitioners across the world. So exactly how does Deschamps M.D’s telemedicine program benefit patients? Take a look:

  • One of the most significant benefits is that it’s cost-effective. When doctors treat patients remotely, the latter are spared the expense of regular office visits as they do not have to pay for fuel and there is no time lost sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms
  • Studies have shown that telemedicine also reduces the need for hospital readmissions (which tend to be a distinct inconvenience for patients & cost healthcare facilities a lot of money)
  • Enhanced quality of healthcare
  • Enables more informed decision making
  • Potential to save lives via remote consultations (diagnostic/urgent)
  • Creates an efficient, cost-effective and convenient delivery of care
  • Faster and greater access to the patient’s medical history- this facilitates quicker & more accurate diagnoses
  • Improves administrative efficiency & coordination
  • Rural residents can receive expert diagnosis & treatment from any distant medical centers
  • Increases the timeliness of treatment & decreases transfer rates even as medical costs are reduced through video technology
  • First responders can provide support via the use of wireless devices
  • Enhances senior wellness & preventative care via telemedicine & remote in-home monitoring
  • A number of people have mobility issues and have to depend on someone to take them to their physician. Telemedicine gives these people the independence they need as they get access to medical care where and when they need it
  • Enhances doctor-patient communication
  • Creates a much stronger network of different healthcare practitioners- doctors can break free of geographical boundaries and can exchange information and opinions with just a click of the mouse


High Quality Medical Care


As you can see, telemedicine provides high value for doctors and patients. Deschamps M.D provides top-of-the-line Personalized Physician Services, a telemedicine program, thorough physical exam and review, minor emergency care, professional guidance in getting off drugs or medications and a range of other medical services. For more information call (305) 447 4923. You can also contact us via this online form.