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Primary Care Physicians

Everyone sees a Primary care physicians at some point in their lives. They are considered the shape shifters of medicine. They assume different roles at each stage of an adult’s life and wellbeing.

They can go from treating several health conditions, to coordinating long term medical decisions and to consulting with specialists, and all of this done to optimize their patient’s health.

The odds say most adults will see a primary care physician at some point in their life so knowing a few things will better your interaction with them and give the patient some insight.

  • Primary care physicians choose that specialty to develop a lasting relationship with their patients. And spending more time with them helps them truly grasp his patient’s health needs. They will know their patient’s habits and their medical history and they will be able to catch health issues before they become severe. And teach their patient’s how to handle chronic health conditions.
  • They keep extended clinical documentation (work, disability, home health needs, etc)
  • Primary care is shifting towards a preventive approach, where the physicians work as life coaches that guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. They sit down with their patients and build a health plan that will help them improve and or prevent important medical conditions
  • Primary care is considered one of the more challenging specialties. It demands long hours and to some point a lower income. Despite this, it is full of personal rewards that are intrinsically involved in longitudinal and holistic patient.
  • Studies now suggest that patients living in areas with more primary care physicians have lower death rates and fewer preventable hospitalizations.
  • Selecting a good primary care physician is a very important step toward a more healthful lifestyle.