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Prevention and Primary Care

The old age health care system pays the doctors to meet with patients and work on their immediate needs. They will get treatment, some short advice, a prescription and a follow-up appointment.

Today, there is a new model in Primary Care that can potentially save insurers millions, it encourages the prevention of illness as much as it’s treatment. The idea is that the family doctor can act as a health coach who guides and advices the patients on how to lead a healthier life. Read more “Prevention and Primary Care”

Primary Care Physicians

Everyone sees a Primary care physicians at some point in their lives. They are considered the shape shifters of medicine. They assume different roles at each stage of an adult’s life and wellbeing.

They can go from treating several health conditions, to coordinating long term medical decisions and to consulting with specialists, and all of this done to optimize their patient’s health. Read more “Primary Care Physicians”

Tip on Electing a Primary Care Physician

By Dr. Gabriel M. Deschamps

Deciding to change primary care physicians can seem like a daunting task for most people. It can also be the best decision they make for their family. It helps if they think of the doctor as a partner on keeping them healthy rather than curing a passing illness. The doctor will be the family’s go to person for anything health related and keeping everything at one doctor’s office can help since they will have the family’s personal health history, schedules for routine test screening and help prevent or detect diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart related issues. Read more “Tip on Electing a Primary Care Physician”

The Way Back To Family Medicine

Every year more and more doctors are going to a cash-only business model (“Cash-only” is a loose description. Many do accept payment by debit or credit card too.)

According to CNN money about 4% of respondents to a survey conducted in 2012 by the American Academy of Family Physicians said they took only cash at their practices, up from 3% in 2010. And a physician compensation report by WebMD site Medscape found 6% of doctors had a concierge or cash-only practice in 2013, compared with 4% in 2012. Read more “The Way Back To Family Medicine”