The Physician on Call, To Make Sense of it All!


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I am an old fashioned, clinically trained Internist-Primary Care Physician. Originally born and raised in New York City, I returned with my parents to the Dominican Republic in my late teens. I entered an intensive, combined Pre-med/Medical Program in 1984 and graduated from Medical School in 1990 (INTEC University, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic). I had the opportunity to work as a General Practitioner and teach before returning to the United States.

Completed my training in Internal Medicine-Primary Care at Metropolitan Hospital, New York Medical College from 1995-1998. i relocated to Miami, Fl. shortly thereafter, where I joined a very successful group practice for the next 5 1/2 years. We specialized in both inpatient and outpatient medicine.

In 2004, I struck out on my own and went into solo practice with nothing more than a wish: to practice medicine in a more dignified and humanitarian manner. The last 10 years have been interesting to say the least. I have seen many changes. Due to my understanding of the current healthcare system, I offer a more consultative, collaborative and empathetic approach to my patients. This is, in order to address their specific health concerns and work towards a better understanding and solution.

Today, as we embark on a significant transformation of our healthcare system , the wish has become a mission. One of my mentors in Residency Training said this to me: "Anybody can be a Doctor. I want you to become a Physician. A PHYSICIAN CARES FOR PEOPLE." Therein lies the challenge in our current healthcare system and state of affairs. Join me. I would like to bring Marcus Welby, MD, back.