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Depression: Cognitive Behavior Therapy or Drugs

If you suffer from depression there are a couple things to consider.

Is it something treatable with an antidepressant or is there some sort of psychotherapy that could help.

Most of the time the best course of action is to seek therapy and see if the treatment by itself can help. Taking an antidepressant can create an unneeded side effect for you. It’s also difficult to determine what antidepressant to use.

There are many kinds of depression as well as many variables involved within the interworking’s of the brain that make it difficult in most cases to identify which treatment is best suited.

It’s known through various tests that there is a potential biomarker in the brain that could predict which form of therapy would be best.

Getting a PET scan can help you see if an antidepressant or cognitive behavior therapy would be more effective.

There are certain parts of the brain region called the anterior insula that respond differently to different treatments.

What determines the response according to a study publish by Jama Psychiatry is the activity in the anterior insula.

The insula is the area of the brain with the capacity for emotions, self-awareness, cognitive control, and decision making.

If your insula is underactive than cognitive behavior therapy is for you. If your insula isn’t, then antidepressants can help.

Since it’s difficult to determine if the insula is active enough, a lot of doctors recommend a mixture of both therapy and antidepressants. And when they prescribe them there on a trial and error basis.

A lot of the time behavior and a negative childhood history indicate that the problem is one that needs psychotherapy more so than drugs.

For this reason and many more, the answer is to get a PET scan and make sure that you’re tested proficiently so that you get the right kind of treatment.